H.E.R.S Testimonials

Made in 2020 for MiHi Entertainment.

MiHi Entertainment offers fully customized video testimonials for any kind of event, and this video demonstrates a testimonial I could create for clients, using H.E.R.s as an example for marketing. 

Accessing Art

Produced in 2019. 

Western Washington University Gallery Director Hafthor Yngvason and AbiliTrek Communications Director Kyann Flint speak on the importance of public art to a community, and why it’s important to engage people in designing public spaces. 

For more information on this video and the surrounding project

on public art accessibility, visit 48degreesnorth.com

Kelly's Autocomplete Interview

Produced in 2019. 

Parodying the format and feel of the famous Wired Autocomplete Interview, Western's Journalism department answers some of the most commonly Googled questions on journalism.

The Birchwood Food Desert Fighters

Produced alongside Isa Kaufman and Hailey Hoffman. 2019. 

The Birchwood Neighborhood lost their local grocery store years ago. Some were able to adapt, but others have fallen through the cracks when it comes to bring fresh food to the community.

One group works to combat this issue.